Revive Me Hydrating + Calming Toning Mist

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Revive Me Hydrating + Calming Toning Mist

6-piece Skincare Glow Kit

january, February & March 2020 issues

Featured in vogue!

skin and soul was created with health and beauty as key components. We are a brand founded by an esthetician who has suffered from cystic acne, dryness and sensitivity. Find us in the magazine and digital issues of VOGUE BRITAIN for their january- march issues of 2020!

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Hi, Im nicole.

GRADUATED IN organic skincare formulation

How many of us have felt so uncomfortable in our skin that they wouldn't even leave the house without wearing makeup  to cover up their acne. ME TOO. I suffered from cystic acne for years. I tried high end products, creams prescribed by my dermatologist and every drug store brand you can think of. 

In 2018, I understood my skin was very sensitive to all of the products I've been using and I needed to treat it better with more gentle products. I wanted a  holistic way to treat my skin to avoid it becoming more irritated from chemicals. 
I took the leap of faith and spent hours day after day to learn the skin, how ingredients effect the skin and how to combine these ingredients to create a product. I got certified In Organic Skincare Formulation and decided to become a vegan brand for people that struggle with unhealthy skin the way I did. 

SKIN and soul is born

the start of our journey

The fun but hard part. Can all my Girl Boss's relate? 2019 Skin and Soul was born. I worked as a full time manager while studying and researching ingredients and constantly testing products over and over until It was perfect. I attended vending events, did some interviews, held focus groups and constantly had to improve on each product. 
My one piece of advice to those starting their journeys: make sure you have an amazing support system and NEVER give up on yourself. It will always be difficult in the beginning. I BELIEVE IN YOU. 

Skin care therapist and girl boss!


WOOP WOOP! we're here! Skin and Soul has an amazing team and yours truly has finally graduated and received her license to become an esthetician. round of applause, please! Not only can I create your products I can take a look at your skin and know exactly what it needs. My life is officially skincared out and I'm loving it.

I hope my expertise can continue to help those struggling with their skin and their confidence. We focus our brand on being inclusive, celebrating all humanity, diversity and sexualities, being cruelty free, vegan and creating every product with YOU in mind.