Ceramides 101

Ceramides 101

Let's talk about ceramides! What are they? Why are they important? What do they do? Why we need them and where you can find them. 

- Nicole Mazza 


As you all know, In addition to running skin and soul, I'm also an esthetician. Overtime, a combination of formulating, personal experiences and getting to know my clientele, I've realized how many of us are dealing with sensitivity. Most people cant even tell they're sensitive and some people were never sensitive before! 

So what are Ceramides and what do they do? 

Ceramides are molecules that are found in the skin along with fatty acids, cholesterol and other lipids. Ceramides are found on the outter layer of the skin to create a protective barrier around the skin. Kind of like the mortar between building a house full of bricks. Think of Ceramides as the mortar and the bricks as the cells. What happens when that mortar starts getting chipped away and your bricks have no support? You're in for some problems! 

What do we need ceramides? 

Naturally, when your skin is dehydrated or dry, this can mean there's not enough of a strong barrier to protect the skin. This will result in itching, redness, dryness and just overall feeling uncomfortable. Moisturizer, especially moisturizer with ceramides can create a barrier over the skin, lock in that moisture and help protect the skin from further irritation. If you use a moisturizer with ceramides this will also help rebuild and restrengthen your skin for all that "mortar" thats missing so your house (skin) will still be in good condition. 

When the outter layer of your skin, and whats protecting your skin is compromised this leaves room for alot of external factors to play a part in your skins health. weather will make your skin feel more sensitive. Touching or exfoliating might feel uncomfortable or burn. Your skin might not be able to handle the simplest ingredients. You might even see more breakouts or inflammation happening along with redness. 

Now you ask, How does it contribute to aging?  

Well, Over time your skin loses collagen, the turn over rate for recieving new cells takes longer and longer. 40% of our skin’s ceramides are gone once we hit our early 30s, and at 40 years old. The idea behind ceramides is to keep the strength of your skin. 

Kind of like working out. Keeping your muscles strong and healthy will also avoid other illnesses and muscle related issues. 

Where can i find a good moisturizer with ceramides? 

We have one! our newest addition to skin and soul is our barrier repair moisturizer! it was formulated with the guide of myself and my clients who experience conditions like rosacea, eczema and other sensitized skin issues contributed to over exfoliating or misusing products. 

About 70% of the population has sensitive skin. There's no harm in strengthening your skin barrier overtime even if you dont relate to these issues now.  

Our barrier repair moisturizer will help reduce redness, inflammation, sensitivity, dryness and flaking while restrengthening the skin overtime! 

You can purchase here 


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