Simple TIps for DRY SKIN

Simple TIps for DRY SKIN

Does your skin feel dry, tight and can even feel sensitive? Do you find that using hot water and your cleansers are making you more irritated? This is probably because you might not be catering to your skin type! Here's a few simple things you can do to help with dryness. 

Hydration is key but things can get a little tricky if you're not careful. 
Since the skin is dry it will be best to start off your routine nourishing the skin from step one!  (skin and souls coconut milk cleanser) 

Try to avoid gel or foamy washing that can be too stripping. Layer your water based products and use oil as a sealant not your only source of moisture! 

The skin responds to sizes of the molecules in ingredients. Water molecules can be packed tightly and are not as large as oil. This allows for product to penetrate with ease into the skin without just sitting on the surface. 

The beauty of water based ingredients is that they are humectants! Which means they are water loving! Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe, green tea and chamomile will all help soothe the skin and can be found in our products! 

( skin and souls revive me toning mist, watermelon hydro serum and glow and tell moisturizer )


If you're not exfoliating- START! Your skin will look dull, dry and flaky. Lactic acid is a good place to begin exfoliating. If you're using beaded exfoliants, this is fine, but be aware of your pressure and notice if you're sensitizing the skin (you will see little branch-like lines commonly found in the cheeks or chin)

Here are two popular lactic acid exfoliants on the market! 


Lactic acid lactic



Don't exfoliate daily or not exfoliate at all. This will be counter productive. Find one that your skin can handle and stick with it.

If you are more sensitive with dryness and you're not ready for acids, try using enzyme masks. This method of exfoliation comes from fruits that gently break down the dead skin. 




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