Skin types

Skin types

How do you determine your skin type or skin condition?


Oily: Your pores will look larger and face will look shiny all over. You’ll find breakouts mostly in ever area of your face

Acneic skin types will be oily with breakouts on the chest and back and a family history of acne.


Dry: The skin might be flaky and feel tight and dry. Dry skin also tends to get irritated easily due to lack of moisture to protect the skin barrier. Less prone to acne.


Sensitive: skin is reactive and gets red easily especially toward external stimulants like pollution, dust and products. Sensitive skin might also cause a burning sensation when using many products.

If you have rosacea you are automatically a sensitive skin type!


Normal: Least common skin type. This type of skin produces just the right amount of oil and normally the skin is neither too oily or dry. Breakouts are infrequent and this type of skin can handle any product without any reaction.


Combination: Most common skin type. Oily mostly in the T zone of the face. ( Forehead, Nose, Chin)  Some parts of your skin are oily and others might be dry because of active oil glands at some parts and inactive at others. Most common skin type.

Dehydrated:This type of skin lacks water and it might feel tight. You can be all other skin types and be dehydrated. Commonly happens with over use of stripping products. Is usually confused with dry skin.

  • Note: Dry skin lacks Oil, Dehydrated skin lacks Water!


So what products can be suitable for my skin type?


Oily / acne:

Cleanse with Turmeric gel cleanser, tone with Rose and witch hazel toner, apply Watermelon Hydro serum to add moisture balance to skin, follow up with Glow and tell to moisturize.

Dehydrated/ Dry / sensitive:

Cleanse with Coconut milk cleanser, tone with Revive me mist, Follow up with Watermelon hydro serum and moisturize with Glow and Tell 

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