• Sensitized or Sensitive?

    Sensitized or Sensitive?
    Learn the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin and how to treat it.
  • Ceramides 101

    Ceramides 101
    Let's talk about ceramides! What are they? Why are they important? What do they do? Why we need them and where you can find them. 
  • Why Can't I use Oil to Hydrate my Skin?

    Why Can't I use Oil to Hydrate my Skin?
    The first thing to understand is HOW the skin takes in ingredients and how the ingredients translate into benefits for our skin and cells.  It's important to understand the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Dry skin will lack moisture while dehydrate skin lacks water.    "So how do I know if im dry or dehydrated?" Your face will appear more dull and feel tight. Your pores also might look bigger and fine lines will be more defined. In some cases, depending on HOW dehydrated you are, you will also start to see the skin get more sensitive...
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