Why Can't I use Oil to Hydrate my Skin?

Why Can't I use Oil to Hydrate my Skin?

The first thing to understand is HOW the skin takes in ingredients and how the ingredients translate into benefits for our skin and cells. 

It's important to understand the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin. Dry skin will lack moisture while dehydrate skin lacks water. 


"So how do I know if im dry or dehydrated?"

Your face will appear more dull and feel tight. Your pores also might look bigger and fine lines will be more defined. In some cases, depending on HOW dehydrated you are, you will also start to see the skin get more sensitive and red in some areas since its lacking that water and hydration.

It's commonly confused! My clients ( remember I'm also an esthetician! ) will come in with a face full of black heads and acne and swear to me up and down that they are a dry skin type. In reality they are misusing products and DEHYDRATING THEIR SKIN aka stripping their skin barrier of its natural water. Remember - dehydration is a skin condition and not a skin type! 


If you're DRY- You'll be less likely to have breakouts and acne. Your pores will look a lot smaller but your skin will also feel tight, sensitive and might be red. You may also experience some flaking and dry patches in some areas of the skin. 


I also have created a blog on skin types if you need help understanding what skin type you might be. 



To cater to both Dehydrated and Dry skin you can use water soluble ingredients to penetrate the skin barrier. Try our Revive me toning mist and our Watermelon Hydro Serum. 


So why can't I moisturize with JUST Oils? 

Some oil molecules can be too large to penetrate past the skin barrier. It's best to use oils to SEAL IN all your Ingredients or find a moisturizer thats a blend of water and oils! The oils will act as an occlusive to lock in moisture and the waters will act as humectants to hold in hydration. Try our Glow and Tell moisturizer

Using just oils on the skin will increase chances of acne, congestion and sensitive skin. Since there are no water loving ingredients the skin will continue to lack hydration and even look dehydrated but... greasy. 

Beware for DIY and products that are nothing but oil/butter based and keep in mind that oil serums are just oil blends and should be used on top of skincare products not underneath the way standard serums are used. 

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